I offer environmental campaign services and nature-focused journalism.

Campaign strategy

Drawing on three decades of experience, I can devise you a winning campaign strategy. I base my plans on thorough research of the campaign issue, going the extra mile with site visits where appropriate.

Campaign comms and action

  • Written communications – I can write you compelling articles, briefings and reports, translating the densest research into accessible stories.
  • Public speaking – I give powerful and persuasive talks to audiences at all levels. I’m a seasoned speaker – whether giving evidence to House of Commons select committees, taking part in public debates, presenting at conferences or fronting TV/media campaigns.
  • Campaign action – I can organise and carry out effective, non-violent direct action, including lobbying, public meetings and rallies.

Nature writing and broadcasting

I’m an experienced and able journalist, having written extensively for BBC Wildlife magazine, The Ecologist and Resurgence. I’m also a former producer and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today.

Robin is one of the most focused and insightful campaigners and project managers I know. His insightful approaches and tireless delivery are second to none.

Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming

Here’s how I can give you the edge:


Campaign acumen – I can identify the issues that will bring you the greatest ‘change difference’ for the least effort, and the trigger points for making change happen.

Effective communications I’m a skilled writer, an articulate public speaker and a compelling lobbyist.

Insider’s insight – My work experience includes stints in the charity, corporate and public sectors. These first-hand insights help make me an effective influencer across the board.

Wide-ranging knowledge – I’ve worked on a broad spectrum of environmental issues over the past 30 years, from renewable energy to rainforests. I have particular expertise in sustainable farming, food security and human population growth. My most recent focus has been on the health and wellbeing benefits of nature to society.

An exceptional network of contacts – including a bank of skilled campaigners with wide-ranging specialisms, who I can call on, as needed, to form a complete campaign team.

The tenacity of a terrier – I fix my sights firmly on the end goal, and I don’t give up.

Robin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the issues, and the underlying facts and science needed to support his case.

Peter Melchett, policy director at Soil Association

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