Here’s a selection of my most noteworthy environmental publications (those which have not been featured elsewhere in my portfolio). They cover the themes of sustainability in farming, food security, the role of nature in human wellbeing and forestry.

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  1. The case for support – a fundraising appeal document written for Avon Riding Centre (2012)
  2. The threat to England’s trees – a briefing written on behalf of MP Zac Goldsmith and the Countryside Restoration Trust (2012)
  3. An inconvenient truth – an analysis of the state of UK food security and a manifesto for action, written for the Soil Association (2008)
  4. Organic works – a report on agricultural employment and sustainability (2006)
  5. Agri-culture: security through diversity – a report for FARM on the UK farming crisis, including the loss of the ‘family’ farm, what this means for society and what should be done about it (2005)