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Robin Maynard

I’m a shrewd freelance campaigner, avid environmentalist and general ‘positive nuisance’ on behalf of some of the UK’s leading green NGOs.

I’ve honed my campaign skills through three decades of effective environmental action – including 15 years in senior campaign director roles for the Soil Association and Friends of the Earth.

My dogged persistence and smart strategies have helped win a number of high-impact victories for nature – including success for the (Save) Our Forests campaign, which forced a Government U-turn on plans to sell off the UK’s public woodlands.

I can help strengthen your voice and maximise your campaign’s impact.

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Key Areas of Expertise

  • Sustainability in farming
  • Food security – resilience of food and farming systems
  • Human population growth – environmental impacts and rights-based solutions
  • Role and value of nature in human health and wellbeing